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IT Outsourcing

Virtual CIO

Establishing efficient and effective IT strategies

Technology is an integral part of most businesses. Commercial internet, mobility, the cloud, analytics, and integration platforms continue to increase both the value and complexity of technology.

The market is overflowing with business intelligent solutions to many problems,

but knowing about them and actually doing something about it can be difficult for a business.

Many medium to large organisations enlist the services of a Chief Information Officer (CIO) to drive this strategic alignment and value generation between the business and technology and act as the trusted advisor to the executive management team.

Go where your business takes you.

What is a Virtual CIO?

A Virtual CIO works with a client as a part of a managed service provider or their existing IT department to formulate strategic IT goals, analyse data and optimise business processes, create a long-term IT budget and support internal technology changes.

IT Strategy Planning

When implemented properly, an IT strategy can help a business become more productive, reduce costs, open up new business opportunities, and mitigate risk. A Virtual CIO seeks to achieve careful alignment of the IT plan and your business strategy.

At Leap Consulting, we offer Virtual CIO services, to assist our clients maximise the business opportunities that good technology strategy and execution can provide.

With these services, we take the time to understand your business, its challenges, your strategy, and your aspirations. From there we craft an action plan to help you reach your business goals faster.

Why Leap Consulting

At Leap Consulting, we have the unique ability to provide strategic consultation to maximise returns and profitability. We focus on establishing efficient and effective IT infrastructure and systems, and aligning technology with business strategy.

We focus on 4 key areas of your business to reduce risk, improve productivity, and increase profit in your business:

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