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Our Company Story

Leap was founded in WA in 2004. But it wasn’t until after a merger in 2005 that the business took shape. 

Leigh and Zaun as 50/50 shareholders saw an opportunity in the IT services market. This was primarily anchored around strategy consulting and managed services in the accounting firm vertical.


A Journey of Growth

Over time this expanded to the wider professional services segment and included many of their clients predominantly in the mining services sector. 

As Leap grew a key tenant of that was reinvesting back into the company, it’s team but also the industry. Joining both vendor councils and peer groups the organisation was fortunate to be recognised for the difference it was making locally, nationally and even internationally.

Our Vision

Fast forward today and thanks to groups like the Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO) and Connectwise Evolve Peer Groups the company has a strong and resilient foundation. 

Using the Entrepreneur Operating System (EOS) throughout Leap to guide and govern the business the direction and plans are set up for growth.


Strategic IT Excellence

Expert IT consultants helping Perth, WA businesses with the best strategy.