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IT Procurement: Hardware & Software

Because your business is like no other

At Leap Consulting we recognise that every organisation is unique, and we won’t try to fit you into a mould. Your company varies from others in requirements, resources, expectations of results and other factors.

Instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach, we value the diversity of our clients and cater to your individuality with a customised project solution that truly addresses your current needs and future growth.

Our aim is for the solutions Leap Consulting designs for your business are easily integrated within the environment your business works today while

leaving space for future changes as you change and develop.

To achieve this, we work to develop a close and long-term focused relationship with you from the start, allowing us to understand and analyse your requirements and agree on a project scope to match.

Our experience in complex integrations, third-party software vendors, and infrastructure building helps us excel in custom building something special just for you.

We won’t put you in a box – we’ll treat you as you.

We’ll focus on more than just IT to improve your business

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