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The IT landscape is shifting at a rapid pace, and having the right IT approach can determine the level of success an organisation achieves. As the market has shifted, the value pyramid has flipped.

What Leap Consulting Does

Traditionally, businesses received the majority of value by smart architecting of infrastructure, which provided a platform for applications to live. The data layer sat on top of the applications, and, while strategy was necessary, it was not always what drove technology initiatives.

With changes in delivery models, such as mobility and cloud computing, featuring standardised platforms the need for delivering services in real time and to any customer anywhere they are, the infrastructure first model is no longer as useful as it once was.

At Leap, we believe that understanding business strategy and goals are the first steps before implementing technology.

To help outline how the game is changing see the infographic below from our partners Microsoft outlining why and how IT teams are partnering with business to drive innovation and growth now and into the future.


microsoft proactive IT infographic


With nearly 90% of managers and executives anticipating digital disruption in their industries, it’s important to develop a strategic IT roadmap with your IT partner based on your business objectives.

Organisations that work with an IT partner are many times more effective at creating IT solutions for the business and implementing those solutions faster and more effectively than their competitors. This helps the business operate proactively while its industry undergoes digital disruption.

Leap Consulting is a full-service IT managed services and outsourcing company. Have questions about digital disruption or transformation with an IT Partner? Contact us now.


Post by Zaun Bhana
Feb 1, 2018 9:47:40 AM