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There are many professional IT service providers in Perth that can help you stay on top of your IT, but determining which services will add value to your business depends on your business’s size and goals.

Technology has changed many aspects of the way businesses operate and it can be a challenge to stay up to date with every IT system that requires support.

IT services including network setup, security support, data management, and strategic consulting can help you manage your business and get ahead of your competition.

Network Setup & Administration

If you don’t have the resources to setup a network and manage it on a regular basis, many companies offer IT services with the capability to:

  • Complete the initial setup of wired and wireless Internet connections
  • Manage access credentials
  • Monitor network usage
  • Identify latency in the system
  • Record network information internally
  • Provide ongoing desktop and end-user support

Networks can be set up as Cloud (Microsoft Office 365), Hybrid, or On-Premise (Microsoft Windows Server) models. Once a network is created, it can be monitored in-house or by a managed IT service.

A qualified network administrator can monitor and support your desktop environment and keep employee productivity high with 24/7 support. Predictable monthly payments to a managed IT service remove uncertainty and responsibility, costing you less than in-house IT staff.

data security

Network Security

Network security is a standard IT service that involves creating rules and a system to protect business network users.

Network security services include:

  • Updating security patches
  • Installation of anti-virus software
  • Creating a list of restricted websites
  • Log monitoring & management
  • Internal compliance support & monitoring
  • Vulnerability management
  • Security device management

Data security is a significant issue for many Perth businesses that require custom technology solutions. By outsourcing network security tasks to a quality IT provider, your network (including cloud) is kept safe from the latest threats.

Data Management

The cost of data backup and recovery puts many businesses in danger when vital information is lost. Many companies offer IT services to create solutions for managing a business’ data within their network.

Data Management services include:

  • Disaster planning & prevention
  • Data protection
  • Scheduling data backups
  • Implementing cloud solutions

A managed IT service provider who offers data backup and recovery via the Cloud is more cost-effective than other methods for protecting business data. Data management through the Cloud ensures a secure, easily accessible backup of critical data.

Email security

Email Management

Email is essential in the world of business. It is often the fastest, most efficient method of communication both internally and externally, fulfilling countless functions and increasing productivity in business.

Email management falls into both network administration and network security services but remains its own entity due to widespread usage and capabilities. IT services for email management include:

  • Email protection
  • Email management
  • Email monitoring
  • Email filtering
  • Email archiving

A managed IT provider in Perth can perform these services more cost-effectively than in-house systems and can make software recommendations to complement your business’s network.


Integrating IT into your business’s processes demands value from your IT investments. Mature IT providers excel at creating value with new technology such as Cloud, as they can advise both large and small businesses on their IT spend.

IT strategic planning services can improve your business’s performance by aligning IT expenditure with your business’s goals.

An IT strategic plan provides huge benefits for businesses of all sizes.

Business size

A quality IT service provider will work with you to design the best approach to your needs. However, the size of your business will determine the IT services you require.

Small Business

Small businesses typically don’t have dedicated IT personnel and, depending on their needs, often require the services of a managed IT service provider. They may need the full suite of services to manage and reduce IT expenditure.

Medium Business

Medium-sized businesses may have a small IT team or department that can be overextended. They might have an established network and systems that they are looking to optimise which may require IT services to increase productivity.

Engagement with IT service providers begins with an IT strategy consultation to identify waste and highlight opportunities as they look at growth.

Large Enterprise

Large businesses in Perth often have an internal IT department which is complemented by managed IT services such as strategy or security, allowing the in-house team to focus on development within the company.

Choose a provider who can deliver what’s best for you

Different IT providers will have different capabilities in delivering IT services, so define and identify which service will benefit your business before you start your search for a competent IT support company.

You can learn more about how to choose the right IT support company with our guide which outlines the nine important things you need to know to find the right company for your business.


Post by Zaun Bhana
May 18, 2017 9:31:59 AM