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Business IT Advisors with a plan

Leap Consulting has been helping businesses in Perth plan and execute effective IT strategies for over 10 years.

Our planning focus will resonate with clients who believe in investing in their business to achieve their longer term objectives.

Reduce Risks

reduce risks

Improve Productivity

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Increase Profits

increase profits

IT Company & Consultants Perth

IT Consulting

IT Consulting

Leap Consulting does more than just sell technology – we combine IT and small business consulting expertise to develop technology solutions to solve your real business challenges.



Managed services from Leap Consulting provide your business with more reliable performance and more predictable expenses, so you can expect to get more value from your technology. 



Cloud solutions from Leap Consulting allow you to enjoy the benefits of dependable cloud solutions, at a price that fits your business requirements and your budget.



At Leap Consulting we value the diversity of our clients and cater to your individuality with a customised project solution that truly addresses your current needs and future growth. 

The latest in strategic IT

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How we’re different

Leap Consulting, a Perth-based IT consultant, has developed a unique IT engagement model that covers the 4 critical ingredients necessary to successfully lead you through the simple but powerful changes you need to make to fully align IT with your business goals.

Leap survey and measure your staff’s capabilities and compare results to similar companies, giving you the insight to keep staff happy, learning and productive.

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A recent Deloitte report found two-thirds of the Australian economy faces a dramatic change in revenue sources in the next five years.
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Businesses face costs due to staff turnover. Around 11% of employees leave a job annually; 1 in 5 blame that on unsatisfactory working conditions.
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Over 60% of SMEs in an Ai Group survey cited staff skills as the second highest influence on the decision to invest in new technology.

If you’ve tried to improve internal processes only to be met with “that’s the way we always do it”, Leap’s unbiased opinion will help you gain momentum for future change.

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You need to collaborate to increase efficiency and improve innovations in products and/or processes in order to profit and grow.
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The average SME performs a third of its key functions using technology. Deloitte – The Annual Pulse Check and Action Plan for Small and Medium Business in Australia New Zealand
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Yet 3 out of 5 of those SMEs say digital illiteracy prevents them from running their business more efficiently – Paypal – Digital Literacy Among Small Businesses in Australia

You should be focusing on your business, not struggling with unpredictable budgets and unreliable IT. Let Leap take care of technology for you.

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A technology strategy is crucial yet at least 50% of companies surveyed by Korn/Ferry International had no roadmap to help evaluate IT investments.
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A Sensis eBusiness report showed 95% of Australian SMEs are online. But only 19% have a strategy for using the Internet to do business.
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Loss of reputation is the main consequence of IT downtime. Yet 1 in 3 people surveyed by IBM said their company had no risk strategy.

Research organisations have developed best practices to align technology with business goals. Leap will identify the right model for your size, maturity and industry.

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A global Boston Consulting Group survey of 4000 SMEs found tech leaders increased annual revenue 15% faster and created jobs almost twice as fast as other small businesses.
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Ai Group analysis showed industries that lead in ICT are Australia’s most productive, experiencing average productivity gains of 40-45%. The average for all sectors was 13%.
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95% of Australian companies surveyed by SAP say cloud computing will impact their organisation in the next 5 years. 81% cited flexibility and agility as the cloud’s major value.

We are one of Perth’s most recognised Microsoft Partners