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What's included in the Guide?

Looking to outsource IT?

Learn 8 common mistakes and how to avoid them

IT Outsourcing Structure Tips

How to avoid having the 'wrong model' for outsourcing

IT Contract Conditions

Why some contracts can lead to a penalty or payout clause if you want to exit early

About Leap Consulting

 At Leap Consulting, we provide more than just IT advice, training, and business support; we focus on making technology work for your business’s individual needs. We use a tested 4 step methodology: focusing on the People, Processes, Management, and Technology of your business.

Our expertise in IT and business strategy allows us to develop personalised technology solutions to overcome your business’s challenges. Our “client-first” approach to customer service means you get more dependable performance and more predictable expenses.

We take results and KPIs seriously. Your success is our success.

 So why would a business like yours look to outsource their IT? 

In the same way that you might outsource the day to day needs of your business around a specific competency like legal, accounting, HR or recruiting, outsourcing your IT makes great sense when you do not have the desire, skills, resources or capacity in-house to meet the needs of your growing business.

Unfortunately, due to the highly fragmented and complex nature of the IT industry there are little to no guidelines or principles to follow on how to choose the right outsource partner. So we’ve prepared the most common mistakes others make when looking to outsource their IT.

IT Costs Breakdown

The hidden cost in a lot of outsourcing arrangements