Leap AntiSpam – Powered by ManageProtect

Technology to protect your email, and your business.

With spam emails now accountable for 80% of email traffic, and Internet security threats on the rise, it is essential to implement a proactive email filtering system that is 100% effective.

Leap Consulting and ManageProtect, will ensure that your entire email infrastructure and mail server runs smoothly, with absolutely no software installation or maintenance to deal with.

Why ManageProtect? Because every minute of productivity in business counts!

Manage Protect is a Sydney-based Australian business with a 24/7 support team. We feel that changing to a provider that is based in Australia, rather than overseas, will secure a more reliable and increased quality of service.


MPmail is a business grade filtering service that will provide a higher detection rate of viruses and spam emails. Known as content filtering, any links sent via email will be automatically scanned by McAfee ClickProtect for viruses or scamming/malware, giving you the peace of mind that your Internet usage and services are fully managed and protected.

Being a cloud based model, there is no need for you to upgrade, install or manage special software on your email server. With an added bonus of the detection/security solution automatically updating in the background, to protect against the ever-new threats.

The MPmail platform is extremely user friendly, with the ability to fine tune email protection, as well as customise settings according to corporate policies.

Manage Protect guarantee that you will be provided with 100% email access uptime!

Interested in more? ManageProtect also do archiving


MParchive is a proactive solution to the preservation of email communications. Many archiving systems are unmanageable and won’t offer offsite/disaster recovery options. Because every email is instantly archived on receiving or sending from the mail server, all the data is protected from any possible system disruptions.

MParchive is a new optional service that will simplify and secure the storage process, without changing how your users work.

Leap’s AntiSpam pays for itself – in fact, it can be fully implemented for a fraction of the cost of antivirus licensing alone. Let us customise your email security solution today, so you can fully protect your business from what’s out there.

Leap AntiSpam will protect everything you’ve worked for.

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